Land of Spirit


Tana Toraja or Toraja Land, Sulawesi Island is one of the popular destination in Indonesia for its unique culture and ancient traditions. The Sulawesi Island itself offers great variety of exotic culture, natural wonders and friendly people. A journey of rare adventure, made especially eerie by their haunting tombs, holes carved out of sheer rock faces guarded by wooden effigies that stare out across the jungle. The culture is a combination between ancestor worship and animistic beliefs, and makes it full with mystery, magic and ancient traditions.


4 Days Land of Spirit

Day 01: Makassar – Toraja Land
Upon arrival at Hassanudin airport, meet your guide and directly set out on the picturesque drive to Toraja. A drive from approx 8 hours along the Buginese villages with their typical houses. This is a long but scenic drive with the occasional photo-stop en route. In the afternoon stop on the Puncak Lakawan to enjoy the spectacular view. Late afternoon arrive in Rantepao.
Overnight in Toraja

Day 02: Explore Toraja

The forthcoming days, most if not all the highlights of Tanah Toraja will be visited. The sequence of your visits however will depend on the ceremonial calendar of the area. In the event of burial ceremonies taking place, your guide will bring to the scene of these intriguing and grandly staged events. It is extremely worthwhile to spend some time on location: young women perform trance-like dances, rituals from pre-Christian religions reappear, visitors include relatives who might come from any far flung corner of the archipelago, ritual fights between different village clans are held, numerous expensive water buffaloes will be slaughtered, all to appease the animist spirits of an
Unseen World. The ceremony goes on and on for days while the persons attending are sheltered in make shift bamboo houses, built only for this purpose, and must be fed and entertained, according their social status….
Depending on the amount of time you spend at a ceremony or a number of ceremonies, some of the following highlights might not be visited. Your guide will make sure that you spend your time as efficiently as possible, allowing you to explore as much as possible the exquisite land of the Torajans.
Overnight in Toraja

Day 03: Explore Toraja
Continue exploring Toraja
Overnight in Toraja

Day 04: Departure
Breakfast and check out hotel in Toraja, then drive back to Makassar for your next destination.